Terms and Conditions

The client and Kirk McGee Studios agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Kirk McGee Studios agree to provide all imaging services for the event as specified by the client in the booking form (below) in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism and quality.  KMS releases all copyrights on all prints and cds to the client on all pkg.s listed on the website. The photos in the CD are not watermarked and can be printed.
  2. Custom imaging/printing is available for an additional charge including: special effects, opening eyes, touch-ups, etc. A reasonable number of images (1 hour -about 20 images) will be converted to B&W,sepia tone and color/B&W combinations and touched up at no charge at the request of the client.
  3. Pricing is set and firm – no negotiating or discounts.
  4. Photography/Videography will begin when payment is received (upon arrival of the photographer/videographer.) Each Associate gets $50 per hour for photographing or videoing the event.
  5. Down payments are non-refundable. Credit is given instead for future photography services in the event of a cancellation. The down payment is not credited back toward any of the other pkg. payments but is part of the total cost of the pkg.  The down payment shows us that you are serious about booking our services. We in turn will provide quality photographers and videographers at your event and will not book another client’s event in place of yours.
  6. Down payments secure photography for the date and time of your wedding. Booking is on a first-come, first-served basis. (Our services will not be booked/reserved without the down payment.)
  7. Travel fees are applicable in some cases: If the event is more than 20 miles from the photographer/videographer, the photographer/videographer receives .50 cents per mile (round trip) This compensation is to be made to the photographer or videographer upon their arrival.
  8. Some terms and conditions are included in the package pricing and once the down pyt. is made these terms and conditions become the contract along with the “book an event” form.
  9. Prices of proofs, cds, reprints, enlargements and albums do not include shipping and handling. (customer pays shipping and handling charges.)
  10. Prints, cds, albums and enlargements must be ordered within thirty days after the wedding to avoid additional uploading fees or loss of images. None of the above can be obtained from our assoc. photographers.
  11. Kirk McGee Studios is not responsible for any print ordering delays.
  12. Kirk McGee Studios and its associates are not responsible (financially or otherwise) for any problems associated with the event outside of their control.
  13. The client agrees to stay in communication with their photographers/videographers especially within a few days before the event to advise of any changes and to “touch base”.
  14. Some pkgs. come with a certain number of prints. Additional prints are available at extra cost.
  15. In the event that the photographer or videographer cancel, KMS reserves the right to find an equal replacement.
  16. Client understands that since everything is done through the website, the images will also be available through the website and the client agrees to look for their images at the website 1-2 weeks after the event and contact kirk@kirkmcgee.com for instructions on how to complete your pkg.
  17. Client agrees to contact KMS within 30 days to finish pkg. and make final pyt. if any. Please do not send us lists for us to order prints included in your pkg. We will provide a coupon code for you to place the order from your online album. Also, on pkgs. that come with a cd of 400 images please email Kirk kirk@kirkmcgee.com for the instructions to receive your cd since the website will charge 75 cents per image for a cd….thanks!   Kirk


Signed:   signature   Kirk McGee