Deluxe Video Wedding Package


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Product Description

Deluxe Video Wedding Package $800

  • Videographer for up to 4 hours ($50 each additional hour)
  • Includes unedited and edited production (Wedding movie on DVD)

Payment schedule:

  1. $200 deposit
  2. $600 to videographer at event*

*Deluxe video is fully edited: 3 Edit Styles 1. Feature Film2. Highlight Film 3. Teaser Film *All edits are delivered on DVD or Blu-Ray. The Teaser Film can also be delivered as a digital file.*travel fee may apply: If event is more than 20 miles then 50 cents per mile round trip to each assoc. Travel fees average $30 and we can help with them if it is an issue.

  1. Feature Film edit ($400.00)
    This edit includes complete moments, beginning to end, throughout the
    wedding day. The entire ceremony, complete dances and toasts, all put
    together nicely with music and transitions. On a 6-8 hour shoot the final
    running time is often between 45-60 minutes.
  2. Highlight Film edit ($300.00)
    This edit includes “Highlights” of the big day with mainly key moments
    shown such as Vows, Rings, Kiss, Grand Entrance, Dances, and Toasts. The
    final running time is often between 15-20 minutes.
  3. Teaser Film edit ($200.00)
    This edit is a more cinematic way of showing the wedding day. It
    typically runs 4-7 minutes in length and features images playing out mainly
    over music or audio taken from the ceremony/reception. It is perfect for
    sharing on social media as it is short enough to be sent to as a Digital
    File that could be uploaded.