Frequently Asked Questions

(4) wallets » $3 / each
4xD » $1 / each
4×6 » $1 / each
5×7 » $6 / each
8×10 » $10 / each
11×14 » $15 / each
16×20 » $35 / each
24×36 » $50 / each
30×40 » $75 / each
48×48 » $100 / each

We have already lowered our prices so that everybody gets a discount.

We have special offers if you book within one week after sending the Book An Event form. These offers change from time to time. Please ask your associate about these and any other offer(s) currently available.

Here is a special offer for after the wedding. Instead of having to click on 125 different images and go through the whole ordering process, We can send you a 4×6 of each (every) image for half price (.50 cents each) For $100 more we can include a copyright released cd. So if there are 400 images in your album the normal price for this is $700. The special price is only $300. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

After your wedding/event, your images will be uploaded to our website and your associate will let you know they are ready for viewing. You have 30 days to finish your package. Finishing your package involves paying for and placing your final order for the products included in your package (prints, enlargements, CD or album). Your associate can help you if you have questions. If your package includes a leather album, follow the instructions below:

Albums: Go to your online album and order the 8×10’s, 5×7’s and 4×5’s (4xD) in the amounts indicated in your package. When you order and pay for these online, this will be your final payment on your package. Also, please order one extra 4×5 for the front cover cameo, such as a close up of the rings etc. You can change the amounts of the different sizes but please remember that the 5×7’s come two to a page and the 4×5’s four to a page. Just put this address in for the shipping address: (please contact us for this) so we can build the album. Please do not send any enlargements or reprints to us other than the album prints. Place a separate order for any large prints included in the pkg. and have them mailed to your address. You may also want to purchase a CD from us and go to www.blurb.com or http://www.apple.com/ilife/iphoto/ for a really cool and affordable coffee table album.

Please email us the image numbers (in order) for the album. The number of  images depends on which pkg. you chose. If you would like extra images the charge is $1 per image. Choose either regular or lay-flat pages, the lay-flat pages album is $50 more. Also include the address you would like everything mailed to. We will mail the cd of images after we have used it to make the album.
Kirk email: kirk@kirkmcgee.com


Yes, you can add as many hours as needed. The associates receive $50 an hour at the event.

We answer emails and phone calls within 24 hours. Sometimes our replies are mistaken for spam and not seen. If you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours please call Kirk directly at 254-214-4996 or email here

The travel fee is $0.50 per mile round trip, paid to the photographer at the event or sitting. If this is an issue for you, we can suggest an associate that is closer to your event location. In this case there may not even be a fee.

Our associate will meet you at a convenient scenic location. They receive $100 from you and then prints and CDs are available for purchase at www.kirkmcgee.com at very reasonable prices. In other words, you get to make your own “package” (The $100 fee to the associate is for a 1-hour shoot. Each additional hour added will be $50.)